Dyersburg, TN firefighters turn up the heat with side-by-side burn demonstration

Blog Post created by ryan.quinn Employee on Jul 27, 2012

As reported by State Gazette the Dyersburg Fire Department will perform a side-by-side burn demonstration in front of a live audience on Saturday, July 28.

A side-by-side burn demonstration is the most effective way to demonstrate the difference that a home fire sprinkler makes. On the unprotected side viewers can see the power of fire, experience flashover, and understand how little time occupants have to escape an unsprinklered home. The side protected by a single fire sprinkler underscores the efficacy of these systems that respond quickly to control and often extinguish the fire, preventing flashover, reducing the amount of toxic gases and smoke; providing occupants with the needed time to escape, and protecting responding fire crews.

If you would like to conduct a side-by-side burn demonstration visit the Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition to obtain a complete guide to building and using this tool to educate your community.

http://www.firesprinklerinitiative.org/Legislation/State-initiatives/Tennessee.aspxVisit the TN Fire Sprinkler Coalition web page to join in its efforts to increase the use of fire sprinkler systems in new home construction