Montpelier, VT requires fire sprinklers in all new homes and offers property tax credit

Blog Post created by ryan.quinn Employee on Aug 1, 2012

Over 400 communities in the U.S. require fire sprinklers in all one- and two-family dwellings (homes) by ordinance. In this post we will feature the City of Montpelier VT.

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In 2006 this city adopted the Montpelier Building and Fire Code 2007, requiring fire sprinklers in all new home construction. It is important to note that this adoption occurred before the requirement was included in all national model codes. The code also requires fire sprinklers when a renovation increases the footprint of the home by more than 50%. The permit fee for the fire sprinkler system is waived.

In 2008 the city went a step further and enacted a fire sprinkler property tax program. It offers a tax credit of up to $2,500 to owners of properties that are protected with fire sprinklers.

Glenn A Moore, Assistant Building Inspector of the Montpelier Planning and Development Department adds; “the city water department also does not have an annual charge for sprinkler connections, users just pay for domestic water use.”

Stakeholders in communities that adopt fire sprinkler requirements by ordinance work cooperatively to make sure the process meets their specific needs. This city is just one of many that provide reasonable standards of safety for home occupants and firefighters.

Stay tuned for more examples in upcoming posts.