Bruce Willis made a sprinkler go off with a lighter!?

Blog Post created by mikehazell Employee on Sep 10, 2012

Die HardThe following post orignially appeared on the Gold Seal Homes blog. As owner of Gold Seal Homes, Murray Pound dictates that 100 percent of his homes be outfitted with fire sprinklers.

Everyone has seen the part of the Die Hard movie where John McLean uses a plastic lighter to set off a sprinkler system in a building to evade capture from the bad guys?  I am often asked; ‘Can this really happen in a home with a residential style sprinkler system’?

Thanks to Hollywood, most people believe that you could activate every sprinkler in an office building by pulling a fire alarm switch, shooting one sprinkler head or holding a cigarette lighter up to one sprinkler head. Fortunately, that is not how automatic fire sprinklers work. While it is possible to activate ONE sprinkler head with a cigarette lighter, the sparks from a sword fight will not turn the parking garage at Madison Square Garden into a flood zone!

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