HFSC's Peg Paul talks about personal experience with fire sprinklers

Blog Post created by ryan.quinn Employee on Oct 31, 2012
PEg Paul
HFSC's Peg Paul
As the Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition's (HFSC) communications manager, my husband and I decided to protect our family from fire and retrofit our home with a fire sprinkler system 11 years ago.

I'll always remember the feeling of relief the day our fire sprinkler system was installed. Our daughters were 10- and 7-years old.

I felt that same relief this morning when I learned that my youngest daughter, who is now a freshman at the University of Arizona and a resident of Pueblo de la Cienega Hall, was protected by a fire sprinkler system during an early morning fire in a dormitory.

I was very happy to see Tucson Fire Dept. Capt. Jeff Langejans comment to the media about fire sprinklers saving lives.