Faces of Fire: Florida builder offers free fire sprinklers in new homes

Blog Post created by ryan.quinn Employee on Nov 5, 2012

Sam Davis, president/CEO of Island Harbor Construction in Cape Coral, FL, offers a free fire sprinkler system in all new homes he builds. “Fire sprinklers do save property, but their main function is to save lives,” he says.

When someone asks him about fire sprinklers he tells them, “You can spend a fortune on appliances, cabinets and granite countertops but those things will do nothing to protect your family against a fire.”

Mr. Davis says that the benefit to his company is that they are actively promoting a system that will save lives. “I’m waiting for the day, although I hope it never ever happens, that we get a call that one of our systems activates, and if it does, that it saved someone’s life.  A home fire sprinkler system is well worth the investment."


His website actively promotes home fire sprinklers and includes a link to the Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition, where consumers and others who visit, can receive information on home fire sprinkler systems.

When we visited Sam in Cape Coral to video tape his story his company, along with Wayne Automatic, was retrofitting the home of a disabled veteran. While so many home builders fight against home fire sprinklers it is a breath of fresh air to know him and see how passionate he is about installing fire sprinkler systems in the homes he builds.