Firefighter injuries in the U.S. and home fire sprinkler impact on firefighter safety

Blog Post created by ryan.quinn Employee on Nov 13, 2012

Figure 6 FlashoverfireNFPA recently issued Firefighter Injuries in the United States, a report that contains an analysis of total firefighter injuries from 1981-2011.

NFPA estimates that 70,090 firefighter injuries occurred in the line of duty during 2011 and 30,505 (43.5%) of all firefighter injuries occurred during fireground operations.

In May, 2011, NFPA issued Home Sprinkler Impact on Firefighter Injuries. This report compares structure fires reported to U.S. municipal fire departments, to structure fires in homes with no automatic extinguishing equipment from 2006-2010, and presents estimates of an additional benefit from home sprinklers.

Analysis of home structure fires with wet-pipe sprinklers present showed a 65% reduction in firefighter injuries at the fireground per 1,000 home structure fires.

Together, these reports paint a picture of the possible benefits from home fire sprinklers derived from a 30 year historical perspective. Firefighter safety is a major drive of this fire sprinkler initiative. Will we have to wait another 30 years and injure hundreds of thousands more before action is taken to protect firefighters with automatic fire sprinklers in homes?

Learn more about home fire sprinklers and help educate decision-makers about the need for sprinklers in all new one- and two-family homes.