NFPA President Jim Shannon on home fire sprinklers and consumer choice

Blog Post created by ryan.quinn Employee on Dec 20, 2012

Some home fire sprinkler opponents think sprinklers should be a consumer choice. But NFPA President Jim Shannon says proven, life safety technology should be required. All model codes now require fire sprinklers in new one and two family homes.

“Proven life-saving technology like seatbelts and airbags should be mandatory. When consumers choose not to put in sprinklers when building a home, they are choosing a less safe home for every future occupant. Everyone, whether they live in the home or is called to fight a fire deserves the highest level of fire safety,” says Mr. Shannon.

Citing the Faces of Fire campaign as another reason why fire sprinklers should be mandated, he adds; “If opponents are sincere when they say that safety should always be a high priority you can’t leave it to choice. Choice puts civilians and firefighters unnecessarily in harms’ way”