New Faces of Fire PSA features story of survival

Blog Post created by ryan.quinn Employee on Jan 15, 2013

What should have been just a routine knockdown of a house fire on August 7, 2007, quickly became a catastrophic event for Hall County, GA firefighter Angie Roach. She is featured in a new Faces of Fire PSA.


Roach fell through the floor into the burning basement of the home. She was trapped and unable to free herself. She made a conscious decision to lie still on the burning embers so that her PASS alarm could activate and her fellow firefighters could locate her.

She suffered 3rd degree and 4th degree burns over 45 percent of her body. It was the worst on-the-job injury any Hall County firefighter had experienced. Angie remembers thinking while trapped that she wasn’t afraid to die, but was angry and sad that she may not see her daughters get married or be a grandmother.

After the incident, it took Angie a while to realize that she was not the same person she was before this happened. The fire had taken away her independence and the ability to continue in a career she loved. She fervently believes that a fire sprinkler system would have prevented this tragedy.