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Keeping_Your_Community_Safe_With_SprinklersOne of the goals of the Fire Sprinkler Initiative is to give advocates the tools they need to convince local governments to mandate fire sprinklers in all new one- and two-family homes. Detailed recommendations for effective advocacy are found on this section of the FSI website.

What follows is an overview of the recommendations:

  • Be informed – make sure you are aware of the current environment surrounding the issue
  • Build a coalition – reach out to other fire sprinkler advocates in your community to build a strong grassroots effort
  • Show support for your cause - begin showing local elected officials the breadth of support for home fire sprinklers through as many avenues as possible.
  • Public outreach - NFPA has developed one comprehensive kit that will enable you to reach the public, and raise awareness of this life saving technology. Op-eds are also a  powerful way to get your message across, especially when written effectively. Read more tips for using op-eds to make your case for home fire sprinklers.
  • Reach decision makers – the most important part will be convincing local elected officials that this is a life and death issue. See NFPA's list of sprinkler fact sheets for more information.

Read more tips for communicating with legislators to make your case for home fire sprinklers.

See more free NFPA resources to help you educate your community about home fire sprinklers

Visit the Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition website to obtain free educational tools aimed at local officials.

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