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Blog Post created by ryan.quinn Employee on Feb 3, 2013

GavelThe 2013 legislative session has started and Senate Bill 93 has been filed in South Dakota to prohibit fire sprinkler requirements in single family homes.

In the past four years sprinkler opponents have pushed state legislation that would restrict a community’s ability to make its own decision about model safety codes for new construction. The legislation would prevent communities from implementing any new sprinkler mandates in one- and two-family homes. If it becomes law, such legislation will put lives at risk.

While in the past the opposition has gone on record to offer its arguments during hearings, the trend now is to handle it through “back door” maneuvers out of the sunshine. It has been found that long before hearings are held, legislator’s minds are made up. Just because the opposition may have become less visible does not mean that its efforts have declined.

It's time for home fire sprinkler advocates to start "walking the halls" to educate legislators. Arm yourself with statistics, including victim patterns and the latest  research/reports to debunk the opponents’ arguments and provide policy-makers with the facts. Look around our website and obtain the resources needed to engage your legislators.