Grinnell Mutual tests home fire sprinkler systems

Blog Post created by ryan.quinn Employee on Mar 25, 2013

Grinnell Mutual’s Special Investigations Unit releases a video that puts home sprinkler systems to the test in a home fire safety burn cell demonstration.

The test was conducted using 8 by 10 foot burn cells, each identically furnished as a living room, to simulate a typical residential fire caused by a candle, cigarette, or overheated electrical unit. Sensors were placed in both cells to monitor room temperatures during the test

“What we hope to show is that a sprinkler system within your home buys you and your family time to get out safely if there’s a fire,” said Alan Clark, assistant vice president of Special Investigations.


The results of the tests and the effectiveness of a home sprinkler system is found in this “Grinnell Mutual Talks about Safety” videocast.