Bill Kirkpatrick; A water purveyor's perspective on home fire sprinklers

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“Statistically at EBMUD, about 70% of the time applicants will fall within the capacity of the 1-inch meter, regardless of domestic allowance applied. For the other 30% who need a 1.5-inch meter, that’s what’s required already today due to domestic fixture count, so there wouldn’t be a change.“

*Bill Kirkpatrick is an Engineering Manager at East Bay Municipal Water District in California (EBMUD), a public utility company that supplies water to 1.3 million people in 20 cities in northern California.


During the recent Bringing Safety Home Fire Sprinkler Summit in Chicago, Mr. Kirkpatrick presented a water purveyor’s perspective  on home fire sprinklers, taking into account the balance between water supplier reliability issues and the issues of service, cost and liability.

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