Free webinar: Fire sprinklers are green? Who says?

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Green Builder Media (GBM) will be hosting a free webinar  on the environmental benefits of home fire sprinklers. This webinar is part of GBM’s Impact Series  and will feature interviews with Benjamin Ditch,

Senior Research Engineer at FM Global, and Gary Keith, Vice President of Engineering Standards at FM Global.

GBM asserts “the debate about fire sprinklers has been mainly focused on cost, and considerations about the environmental impact of fire sprinklers have been neglected.”


During the interview, Ditch and Keith will present the results of the Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition/FM Global study on "The Environmental Impact of Automatic Fire Sprinklers,"the first report to focus on the environmental benefits of installing fire sprinklers in new homes.



*Date and Time:

Thursday, June 27, 2013

11 PDT/2 EST

*Register Now


For more information about the Impact Series, email mary@greenbuildermag.com

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