South Carolina firefighters demonstrate importance of home fire sprinklers with live burn

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ABC News Charleston reported on a live burn, side-by-side demonstration, illustrating the importance of fire sprinklers in the home. According to the report, firefighters from across the state attended the demonstration at the Fire Museum in North Charleston.

Two makeshift rooms, one with sprinklers and one without, were set on fire. In no time, the room without sprinklers started to burn rather quickly and after just three minutes, the room was completely engulfed in flames, as reported by ABC News.

A second room, equipped with sprinklers, was then set on fire. In just under two minutes the sprinklers turned on, preventing the fire from spreading.


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"At no point did that room become 'un-survivable' at any space," said Chief Jonathan Jones, a Clarendon County firefighter and recently elected president of the SC State Firefighters Association


The report also featured burn survivor Princella Lee Bridges, who suffered burns over 49% of her body and has had to endure life long health effects. Princella is an advocate of home fire sprinklers and is working to retrofit her home with the system.

ABC News informed that Chief Jones recently installed sprinklers in his own home. "It was inexpensive; it was painless," Jones said. "It ended up costing us about $1.75 a square foot." Firefighter Jones added for the report; “it's small price to pay for peace of mind.”

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