Fire Protection Research Foundation on future of fire protection and safety

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Based on the premise that the next 25 years will bring many challenges to fire safety in the built environment, the Fire Protection Research Foundation “convened a series of meetings to learn from members of NFPA technical committees, staff, and leadership about the strategic issues likely to affect future fire safety.” The Foundation captured the results in a white paper, published earlier this year.

The goal was to identify key emerging challenges for NFPA standards and how to structure to develop research information to help address those challenges. The result is “a research agenda designed to focus and set priorities for the Foundation’s research program in the near term and to ensure that it is meeting the emerging research needs of NFPA technical committees and other constituents.”

The Foundation addressed the changing furnishings in today’s buildings that create hotter faster developing, and more toxic fires can impact safety and NFPA codes and standards. This has an impact on firefighter tactics, protective clothing and equipment, tenability conditions, and challenges some basic assumptions in the design of buildings for fire.

Changes in building materials are also challenging some of the basic assumptions about the role of structural elements in overall fire safety design. Fire sprinklers – in the context of the home built environment - are certainly a key element that will impact fire safety and NFPA codes and standards.

As NFPA and the Foundation develop goals and strategies for the future – among many other important issues - residential fire sprinkler advocacy will certainly be front and center, in order to address future fire protection and safety for homes.

Join the conversation during a meeting November 13-14, 2013 in Washington, DC.

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