The deadly nature of modern home fires revisited

Blog Post created by ryan.quinn Employee on Sep 16, 2013

Modern home fire 2Smithsonian.com addresses the deadly nature of modern homes in an online broadcast. The extensive coverage shines the light - once again - on the need for fire sprinklers in today’s one- and two-family dwellings.

The article highlights the fact that “today’s house fires burn eight items faster and produce 200 times the amount of smoke that a fire would have 50 years ago…” and includes the UL video showing an average-sized room furnished with modern products fully engulfed in flames in three minutes, while the same room, furnished with items 50 years of age took 30 minutes to do the same.


One of the fire recruits interviewed for the piece said; “…It’s a big eye opener…it’s a lot different.” He talked about the changing nature of fire and how it will affect the way firefighters will approach modern home fires. The lack of fire sprinklers in modern homes is also a firefighter safety issue.

A home fire sprinkler advocate recently commented; “the litigation clock is ticking and no one is listening…” Oh, but I think the message is being communicated loud and clear and is being featured more and more in articles, broadcasts, blogs, etc.

We must continue to create awareness with consumers, firefighters and other stakeholders of the fact that homes built after January, 1, 2011 – when all minimum fire, life safety and building codes required them – without fire sprinklers is a substandard product.