NASFM/Grinnell Mutual recognize Life Safety Achievement Award recipients

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The[ National Association of State Fire Marshals Fire Research and Education Foundation  | http://www.firemarshals.org/NASFMFoundation/](NASFM Foundation) and Grinnell Mutual Reinsurance Company[ announced  | http://www.grinnellmutual.com/]that 117 fire departments across the United States have earned the Life Safety Achievement Awardfor their fire prevention accomplishments in 2012.

For over 20 years, this award has recognized fire departments nationally for actively promoting fire prevention in the pursuit of saving lives. “The Life Safety Achievement Award recognizes fire departments for their fire prevention programs that have been proven t save lives year after year.”said Alan Clark, assistant vice president of Special Investigations at Grinnell Mutual.


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This year’s award recipients have organized educational programs targeted to specific groups in varied activities. “We are impressed by the variety and creativity of many fire department programs reported by our award winners,” said NASFM Foundation Executive Director Jim Narva. “We are also seeing more emphasis on residential sprinkler implementation, as well as an increased use of social media to reach audiences, particularly younger people in communities.” Mr. Narva informs there were 57 Fire Departments that indicated they were working to increase fire sprinklers in occupancies, including the use of residential fire sprinkler trailers (side-by-side demos).


Fire departments are encouraged to become a Built for Life Fire Department and use the free educational materials available from the Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition  to increase their residential fire sprinkler community educational outreach efforts.

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