High risk homes to get fire sprinklers in Essex, England

Blog Post created by ryan.quinn Employee on Oct 10, 2013

Felmores fireBBC News reports that fire sprinklers will be installed in homes considered at high risk of fire in a £250,000 (400,000 USD) Essex Fire Authority-funded project.

Essex Assistant Chief Fire Officer Paul Hill told BBC that the project would save lives. The authority is coordinating with councils and housing associations to identify properties deemed at high risk of fire. They include “those housing vulnerable adults or children, high-rise premises and properties that have existing problems in achieving fire safety.”

Properties that could benefit include those with a previous history of fire, such as Felmores estate in Basildon. According to the article Felmores estate “has been hit by 10 fires in 10 years and the most recent saw two women rescued from a flat in July.”

Chief Hill said: "Fire deaths have almost been eliminated in buildings that have a sprinkler system fitted and maintained properly... so they are hugely effective." He added that fire services have been lobbying for sprinklers to be fitted in all new homes in England, which already happens in Wales.