Massachusetts considering bill allowing local jurisdiction to adopt residential fire sprinkler requirements

Blog Post created by ryan.quinn Employee on Nov 22, 2013

Sprinklers2State Representative Ruth Balser has filed bill H2121, that would allow municipalities to adopt regulations requiring the installation of sprinklers in new residential buildings with two or more units and in buildings that are “substantially rehabilitated.”

WWLP News reports that Massachusetts firefighters are supporting the legislation and lawmakers heard emotional testimony  from fire survivors who wondered how their lives might have been different if sprinklers had protected them.

“There’s no doubt that sprinklers are a safer option to help firefighters suppress fires and hold them in check until we can get there,” said Mario Orangio, former president of the Fire Chiefs Association of Massachusetts.

The opposition testified, inflating system prices and presenting usual myths, such as; fire sprinkler mandates impact housing cost, and the systems don’t protect people, only property.

For additional information visit the Massachusetts Fire Sprinkler Coalition or contact NFPA’s Tim Travers.