Habitat house in Salina, Kansas to feature residential fire sprinkler system

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Salina.com reports that a[ Salina Habitat for Humanity  | http://salinahabitat.org/index.html]house will be equipped with fire sprinklers. It will be the first Habitat house in the state to feature a sprinkler system. The public has been invited to an open house.


According to the report Salina Fire Departmentfire marshal Roger Williams said he made a presentation to the Habitat board in 2011 about how residential fire sprinklers work. The board and fire department worked toward installing a sprinkler system in Salina's 35th Habitat house, which is under construction.
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Bamford Fire Sprinkler partnered with Habitat to provide the materials and installation of the sprinkler system.

Williams said recent state legislation prevents communities from requiring that sprinkler systems be installed in new residential construction. However, he said sprinklers are a life-saving tool that he hopes more homeowners consider.

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