Illinois builder installs fire sprinklers in his new home.

Blog Post created by ryan.quinn Employee on Dec 19, 2013

When custom homebuilder Bill McNaughton chose to build his family’s new 3,800+ square-foot custom home in Western Springs, Illinois, it was a “no-brainer” for him to install a fire sprinkler system as reported by the Northern Illinois Fire Sprinkler Advisory Board (NIFSAB). He wanted to be sure that his wife Jennifer, and their 19-month-old son William, are protected when he's not home.

McNaughton family

According to the article, McNaughton gained experience with residential fire sprinklers by building custom homes in neighboring Clarendon Hills, a community that has required fire sprinklers in all new home construction since August 2000. While some homebuilders believe that fire sprinklers amount to extra costs, McNaughton instead believes they are a unique selling advantage for homebuilders and offers them as an option to his custom home clients — even in communities where they are not required by code or ordinance.

“Consumers need to be educated about home fire sprinklers, but so do homebuilders and those that sell homes to the consumer. It’s important that the consumer is getting the actual facts and completely accurate information, especially in regard to costs,” says McNaughton.

According to Western Springs Deputy Fire Chief Gary Mayor, the home will be a model of fire safety within the community.

“The construction of the home is on schedule, and we’re looking forward to starting the New Year in our new fire-safe home,” stated McNaughton at an October open house, which showcased the home’s installed fire sprinkler system.

 “Thanks to the fire sprinkler system, the house will be protected from fire for generations to come,” said Tom Lia, Executive Director for NIFSAB.