Cincinnati newspaper dispels myths about home fire sprinklers

Blog Post created by mikehazell Employee on Jan 5, 2014

If you really want to keep your home and the people and property in it as safe as possible from fire, consider a residential sprinkler system, says an article on Cincinnati.com.

“While interviewing consumers, highly rated sprinkler installers and experts on fire control and prevention, including the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), our research staff learned that many homeowners have misconceptions about home sprinkler systems,” it reports in its January 3, 2014 edition. 

Among the misconceptions about home fire sprinklers? 

Inaccurate portrayals on TV and in movies show that in a fire, every sprinkler in the house will go off at once. “The reality, experts say, is that only the heads that detect fire will activate. Usually, one head will extinguish a blaze before it spreads,” reports Cincinnati.com.

Some believe that sprinkler systems are unattractive. “The reality, experts say, is that the heads stay flush against the wall or ceiling until deployed, so they don’t greatly affect home aesthetics.” 

One of the biggest misconceptions about home fire sprinklers is cost. “According to the NFPA, the cost of a fire sprinkler system, installed, has dropped from an average $1.61 per square foot in 2008 to $1.35 in 2013,” says Cincinnati.com. The reduced cost is due, in part, to government mandates, which increase the number of contractors doing the work. In some parts of California, according to the NFPA, the cost is less than $1 a square foot. 

Kathleen Almand of the Fire Protection Research Foundation provides an overview of a recent study on the cost of installing home fire sprinklers. Watch this video on YouTube.


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