Communities in Illinois with sprinkler requirements on the rise

Blog Post created by freddurso Employee on Feb 25, 2014

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Left to right: Tom Lia, executive director, NIFSAB; Larry Matkaitis, Illinois State Fire Marshal; Russ Sanders, regional director, NFPA; Bob Morris, executive director, Illinois Fire Inspectors Association; and Bob Tinucci, regional manager, National Fire Sprinkler Association

Since Illinois enacted its first home fire sprinkler requirement nearly 26 years ago, more than 90 other communities have followed suit. Illinois fire and building officials met this month to celebrate this success and discuss how to keep this momentum going.


In attendance was state Fire Marshal Larry Matkaitis, who revealed that of the nearly 120 fire deaths in Illinois in the past 13 months, all but one died in residential occupancies. NFPA's regional director Russ Sanders noted at the meeting that what has occurred in Illinois somewhat reflects efforts in California and Maryland, where statewide sprinkler requirements are in effect.

“This event was an important opportunity for fire and building officials to strengthen their commitments to the fire safety of their communities by sharing and exchanging vital information about home fire sprinkler education and advocacy,” says Tom Lia, executive director of the Northern Illinois Fire Sprinkler Advisory Board (NIFSAB). “In order for Illinois to continue to advance and ensure the fire safety of its residents, it is up to local communities to continue passing local home fire sprinkler ordinances that prevent future injuries and deaths.”


For more information on the meeting, read the story on NIFSAB&#39;s site.</p>