Study: Residential sprinklers crucial for preventing death and property damage, no matter the building material

Blog Post created by freddurso Employee on Mar 11, 2014

Home Fire Sprinkler Report
It makes no difference whether a home is built with wood, concrete, or metal; residential sprinkler systems play a vital role in limiting fire deaths, injuries, and fire spread in these settings regardless of building material.

This is one of the findings from the recent research report, "Fire Outcomes in Residential Fires by General Construction Type," released by the University of the Fraser Valley in British Columbia. Nearly 12,000 residential building fires were examined over a five-year period. The study also analyzed five categories of construction components and life safety systems at the affected properties.

"There appears to be little difference with respect to fire spread, death, and injury rates as a function of building general construction type, provided these buildings have functioning smoke alarms and complete sprinkler protection," states the report. The study also concludes that regardless of a building's construction material, fires occurring at homes with these fire safety systems in place resulted in zero fire deaths.

For more information, read the full report.