Dynamic duo: Smoke alarms and residential sprinklers credited for saving a teen's life

Blog Post created by freddurso Employee on Jul 8, 2014

Smoke alarmsAn idyllic lakefront community was startled from slumber recently when an early-morning house fire occurred as the home's occupant was out for a stroll.

The fire began before 8 a.m. on June 23 as the resident's teenaged daughter was sleeping inside the waterfront home, which is located in the French Creek Harbour area of British Columbia. Fortunately, a smoke alarm awoke the teen, and she escaped the house without harm. Furthermore, the home's sprinkler system helped douse the fire, which was initiated by a faulty water heater, according to a report by the Oceanside Star.

Made evident by this incident, smoke alarms are an important, life-safety tool that alert residents to impending danger. The devices, however, cannot extinguish a fire. When home fire sprinklers work in conjunction with smoke alarms during fires, homeowners have a much greater chance of surviving such incidents. In fact, sprinklers can reduce civilian fire deaths by 80 percent.

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