What are your thoughts on a National Fire Sprinkler Week?

Blog Post created by freddurso Employee on Aug 1, 2014

Kevin FosterIn an editorial for Firefighting in Canada magazine, Kevin Foster, fire chief with the Midland Fire Department, proposes something uniquely enticing to ramp up sprinkler education: let's host a National Fire Sprinkler Week. 

The U.K. held something similar this year that mirrored NFPA's Fire Prevention Week. "A National Fire Sprinkler Week may represent the single biggest opportunity for fire sprinkler education," stated Foster. "A coordinated national campaign may be the best approach to educating the country as a whole on the benefits of fire sprinklers; it would reach a broad audience, provide common messaging and resources through promotional materials, and could easily be supported by local agencies."

Foster also adds that the event organizers could utilize sprinkler industry and safety partnerships to "overcome resource, expertise, and financial hurdles."  

The chief also understands the importance of education in reaching consensus on sprinkler requirements; he specifically calls out the stellar, grassroots efforts of the now 20 sprinkler state coalitions and effectiveness of the Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition, including its new "Ask For Them!" interactive guide. 

"Could a National Fire Sprinkler Week work here in Canada?" he posed in his editorial. Taking his question a step further, could it also be replicated in the U.S.? Send us your thoughts by clicking on the "comments" tab below. Let's get some healthy dialogue going on this topic.