Practicing what he preaches: Fire safety advocate's new home includes sprinklers

Blog Post created by freddurso Employee on Aug 5, 2014

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Julius Halas, left, discusses building plans with other fire service officials inside his new sprinklered home. (Photo courtesy of NFSA)

Forget the granite countertops or picture-perfect fireplace. Julius Halas, director of the Florida State Fire Marshal's Office, recently highlighted a feature in his new home that he says is far more important.


With other fire officials in tow, he gave a tour of his Florida home still under construction while pointing to concealed sprinkler heads and offering frank comments on why these systems are a necessity in new dwellings. "In my career, I have seen too many deaths and injuries that could have been prevented had fire sprinklers been present," he told the National Fire Sprinkler Association (NFSA) in a story that appeared in its recent newsletter. "Why would I spend the money on upgrades such as a fireplace, granite countertops, upgraded lighting and not spend money on fire sprinklers?"


Halas and others were also quick to point out how to overcome barriers in passing sprinkler ordinances. Education, they told NFSA, can effectively counter the misconceptions about sprinkler operations. The sprinkler contractor at the tour also quieted any concerns about construction delays due to the installation. "No problems whatsoever," he told NFSA.


Read the full story (scroll down to page 4 of the newsletter), and learn how to promote sprinklers in your community via the resources on the Fire Sprinkler Initiative&#39;s new "Advocacy Tools" page.</p>