Six deaths in a North Carolina home underscore fire's swiftness

Blog Post created by freddurso Employee on Sep 10, 2014

North Carolina Fire Sprinkler Coalition"Nobody made it out," said a shaken Joyce Miles after trying to save her neighbors from a quick-moving house fire. "In just a couple minutes, everything was gone." 

Minutes is all it takes for today's home fires to turn deadly. Case in point: the aforementioned fire that claimed the lives of six people, including two children, in Garland, North Carolina, last month, according to a story in The Fayetteville Observer. "It's a tragedy. It's pitiful. I wanted to help, but I couldn't," Miles told the paper. 

Research confirms that modern furnishings and building materials are contributing to faster fire propagation and a greater fuel load. Home fire sprinklers offset these problems by giving residents ample time to escape a blaze.

Fires such as the recent one in Garland is the reason why sprinkler advocates in North Carolina are taking action. The newly formed North Carolina Fire Sprinkler Coalition is a diverse mix of burn survivors, fire service officials, and others offering reminders to the public that nobody is immune to fire and that sprinklers are literal lifesavers.  

If you reside in North Carolina, join the coalition and take part in a safer tomorrow. Or visit the Fire Sprinkler Initiative's state coalition page and see what other states are taking part in this movement.