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The following excerpt appeared in the September 19, 2014, edition of The Columbian, written by Emily Gillespie. Read the full article.

When it comes to installing sprinklers, Clark County (WA) Fire Marshal Jon Dunaway said that to him, the decision is pretty obvious.

"The obstacles are not that great, the costs are not that great and the benefits are many," Dunaway said.

Officials from Oregon and Washington met Thursday in Vancouver to discuss just how beneficial sprinklers are when it comes to residential fire safety.

The first Northwest Residential Fire Sprinkler Summit brought together fire personnel, builders and officials, water purveyors, insurance representatives and fire sprinkler contractors to share information.

A live-burn demonstration showed how sprinklers can minimize damage and increase safety. After firefighters set fire to the half of a trailer outfitted with sprinklers, the fire was out within a minute and a half. The side without sprinklers was a fully involved blaze in about three minutes. More.

Tonya Hoover
The keynote address at the Northwest Residential Fire Sprinkler Summit in Vancouver, WA, was delivered by California State Fire Marshal Tonya Hoover. She described the process that led to a statewide sprinkler mandate in the Golden State. Though California officially adopted sprinkler requirements in 2010, Hoover said the "process" started four years before the submission of the code adoption proposal. During that time, a task group comprised of various stakeholders--fire service, building industry, government, to name a few--was formed to iron out any concerns. This process, noted Hoover, led to open discussions and information sharing.

Download "Successes from the Golden State", a presentation Fire Marshal Hoover gave at the NFPA Fire Sprinkler Summit in Denver in May 2014.

At the end of the Northwest Residential Fire Sprinkler Summit, sponsored in part by the Washington and Oregon Fire Sprinkler Coalitions, a Vendor Connections event was held which featured a product showcase, door prizes, and appetizers.

Vendor Connections 1

Vendor Connections 2

Vendor Connections 3

Vendor Connections 4

Vendor Connections 5

Vendor Connections 6
Special thanks to Nanette Tatom, public information officer for Gig Harbor (WA) Fire & Medic One, for providing photos from the summit.

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