Home insurer, homebuilder, and fire service emphasize residential sprinklers during exhibit

Blog Post created by freddurso Employee on Sep 23, 2014

Canadian home fire sprinklersTractors and, somewhat surprisingly, home fire sprinklers got the attention of the public during Ontario's recent International Plowing Match and Rural Expo.

"Looks like a small hockey puck!" said an intrigued visitor eyeing a concealed sprinkler head during a model home exhibit during the event, where free information from the Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition was on hand. He and others were interviewed by a local news station, which obtained a variety of perspectives from different stakeholder groups--including some groups typically at odds with each other on the issue of sprinklers--on the necessity of these life-saving devices.

"A nice glass shower could be $5,000, and here we have a home sprinkler system that's going to run less than that," Howard Sher, CEO of Quality Homes, a Canadian modular home and cottage builder, told the news station. 

Offering some sprinkler 101 at the exhibit was Chief Cynthia Ross-Tustin with the Essa Fire Department. "More people die in residential home fires than any other fire in this province," she said. "Every sprinkler head is [like] having your own personal firefighter."

Insurers also vocalized their sprinkler support. Frank Santana with The Co-Operators Insurance, which offers a 10 percent sprinkler discount, discussed measures his company is taking to get sprinklers mandated in the areas they serve. "We're lobbying with the government, working with the government as best we can to make [sprinklers] mandatory with new builds," he said.

Watch the video for more highlights from the event. (Click on the Wednesday, September 17 news broadcast. The sprinkler segment begins near the 5:40 mark.)