Burn survivors unite for event showcasing stories of loss and survival

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NFPA regional sprinkler specialists, Jeff Hudson (left) and Tim Travers (right), join NFPA Public Education Advisor Pat Mieszala during an exhibition at the recent World Burn Congress in Anaheim, California.

A person's voice is one of the most powerful tools in the push for home fire sprinkler requirements. Honing this power is the nation's community of burn survivors, who have effectively transformed tragic occurrences into stories of hope. Adding a human element to the seemingly daily occurrence of home fires and subsequent injuries, the survivors are the faces behind the statistics.


For many, home fire sprinklers have become a passion. Survivors have spoken at legislative hearings and sprinkler-related events, urging the powers that be that sprinklers could have likely saved them from injury and emotional turmoil. They are joining state sprinkler coalitions to educate their community on sprinklers. The Phoenix Society for Burn Survivors, an organization that empowers this group, offers training on sprinkler advocacy.


More than 1,000 burn survivors recently attended the World Burn Congress, the Phoenix Society's premiere event offering programs and exhibits of interest to this group. NFPA's sprinkler specialists and public educators attended the event in Anaheim, California, offering free materials and knowledge on how sprinklers save lives.

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NFPA President Jim Pauley addressing attendees at the World Burn Congress


[NFPA's Fire Sprinkler Initiative |] understands the power of burn survivors, and has used their stories for its Faces of Fire Campaign. Launched in 2010, Faces of Fire showcases the human impact of fire through effective, and sometimes heartbreaking, testimonials. Watch one of our more popular "Faces," Princella Lee Bridges, talk about the house fire that forever altered her life: