Fiery display in Detroit showcases importance of home fire sprinklers

Blog Post created by freddurso Employee on Nov 21, 2014

Live burn and sprinkler demonstration
"A lot of people have the wrong priorities; you go into a home and they have a 90-inch TV but don't have a smoke detector," said a Michigan fire official recently interviewed by a local ABC affiliate. 

Michigan Fire Sprinkler CoalitionHe and others from the Detroit Fire Department worked the press during a news segment underscoring both smoke alarms and home fire sprinklers. Against the backdrop of a live burn and sprinkler demonstration, sprinkler advocates addressed the 80-percent-risk-reduction rate of fire deaths when
sprinklers are present in homes. The report also tackles sprinkler installation costs, which averages out
to about one percent of the cost of a new home. Watch the full story for additional details. 

A growing number of safety advocates in Michigan with similar mindsets about home fire sprinklers are joining forces to promote these devices and mandatory requirements for installation. Check out the Michigan Fire Sprinkler Coalition website for more information.