Minnesota city initiates discussion on sprinklering all of its homes

Blog Post created by freddurso Employee on Dec 4, 2014

Minnesota StatePer a new law, all new homes in Minnesota larger than 4,500 square feet must include sprinklers. Upon learning that sprinklers reduce the risk of dying in home fires by 80 percent, the town of Edina has initiated an online discussion to gauge whether all of its new homes should be sprinklered. 

According to the city's website, Edina isn't looking to alter local law at this time. The online forum is to merely obtain feedback on home fire sprinklers, which will be sent to Edina's city council. 

The online forum is broken up into three topics: Required For All, Cost/Benefit, and Edina's Fire Calls. The forum cites NFPA's sprinkler research before letting audiences offer their opinions. 

It's worth checking out the forum when you have time. Many commenters offer a passionate plea for sprinklers. Says one contributor, "For an informed discussion, you need to look at death and injury rates (for residents and firefighters) in homes with and without sprinkler, because what happens to people is more important than cost benefits just based on expenditures vs. property losses. I would put a very high value on preventing a death or person sustaining major burns, which is likely to cost hundreds of thousands in medical bills and a lifetime of suffering."

Commenting on Edina's forum has closed, but please offer your own two cents by commenting on this blog post. We'd love to read them.