Tennessee town showcases sprinklered homes for disabled residents

Blog Post created by freddurso Employee on Dec 8, 2014

Kingsport Tennessee sprinklered home
Last month, the town of Kingsport, Tennessee, unveiled a home crafted specifically for disabled residents and gave the community an up-close look at sprinkler protection at its best.  

The one-story, three-bedroom dwelling is one of two sprinklered homes developed by the Greater Kingsport Alliance for Development, the nonprofit arm of the Kingsport Housing and Redevelopment Authority, per a news story by the Times News. The new homes are a safer alternative for the three residents that will reside there, said Linda Henry, division director for Frontier Health, a behavioral and mental health services provider, which assists the women. The homes, she added, are "accessible housing that's affordable."

Complementing the home's accessibility features are sprinklers, which will give the residents ample time to escape a fire. The home isn't the town's introduction to sprinklered residences--a new condominium complex also includes this protection. 

"Home fire sprinklers are like having a firefighter in every room of your home," Barry Brickey, Kingsport Fire Department's public information officer, told the paper. "The quick response of the home fire sprinkler will normally put out a fire before firefighter arrives."

Showcasing Brickey's point that fire sprinklers mimic firefighters, watch this gem of an advocacy video created by NFPA's advocacy partners, one of many videos on the Fire Sprinkler Initiative site: