What's prompting home fire sprinkler advocates across North America to join forces?

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A rising tide of support for home fire sprinklers is making its way across North America. Shore to shore, from California to New Jersey, advocates are gathering on a grassroots level and forming coalitions that are initiating change. Various stakeholdersfire service members, burn survivors, and water purveyors, to name a fewknow they can be more effective if they coalesce with other like-minded sprinkler supporters to counter sprinkler oppositionand mythsthat's also prominant throughout the U.S. and Canada.


NFPA's two regional sprinkler specialists, who are assisting and cultivating these coalitions, have witnessed the fruits of this labor. In the following video, Jeffery Hudson and Tim Travers discuss why coalitions work and the successes of these groups. (Looking to join a coalition, or want to start one in your state? Contact us. )


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