Here's a New Year's resolution worth keeping: urge your legislators to support sprinklers

Blog Post created by freddurso Employee on Jan 8, 2015


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New Hampshire State Fire Marshal Bill Degnan is looking to make 2015 the Year of the Sprinkler. 


In a recent op-ed for +The Berlin Daily Sun,+ Degnan encourages readers to make some New Year's resolutions that keep fire safety in mind. If building a new home, he states, demand sprinklers from your contractor. And take a more vocal stance in support of sprinkler requirements in whatever state you reside in. 


"We are constructing homes with more flammable materials and then filling them with more combustible contents and open space than ever before," states Degnan. "Resolve that you will write to your congressional delegation in 2015 and ask them to strengthen the fire safety requirements for consumer and building products. Resolve to work with your local legislators to strengthen your building and fire codes, including a requirement for residential fire sprinklers in all new construction."


Need some assistance fulfilling Degnan's request? Use one of NFPA's templates to craft convincing, fact-based pitches for sprinklers to elected officials. 

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