South Carolina Fire Sprinkler Coalition uses TV media to dispel myths, address cost concerns

Blog Post created by freddurso Employee on Mar 13, 2015

South Carolina Fire Sprinkler Coalition
In 2014, South Carolina had the fifth highest number of fire deaths per capita in the nation, according to a recent TV report. Moreover, there have been 300 fire deaths in the state since 2007. Outraged by these figures, fire safety advocates in South Carolina aren't taking these statistics lying down. 

The South Carolina Fire Sprinkler Coalition recently positioned itself in front of TV cameras to promote a proven cure to their state's fire problem. First, they organized a live burn/sprinkler demonstration earlier this month, which got the attention of both the public and TV media. The demonstrations "are meant to show people the power of fire, but even a better and bigger power: the power of a residential sprinkler head," coalition member Diane Woods told a local Fox affiliate.

They didn't stop there. This week, advocates are manning a booth at the Carolina Classic Home and Garden Show in another attempt at spreading the sprinkler message to homebuyers and builders. Interviewed recently by a local CBS affiliate, coalition chair Jonathan Jones explained that installation costs have come down. "We're seeing installation costs in South Carolina as low as $1.03 a square foot in new construction, which is affordable. We'll save more lives through sprinkler systems than I will ever do in my [fire service] career."

Proving Jones' point on cost, keep your eyes peeled for an upcoming video case study produced by NFPA that documents a new, fully sprinklered development in South Carolina that inexpensively installed sprinklers in all of its homes.  

In the meantime, use the media to your advantage when promoting sprinklers. Utilize these talking points from NFPA.