Secure up to $10,000 for home fire sprinkler advocacy efforts by applying for NFPA's Bringing Safety Home Grant

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Looking to spread the word on the importance of home fire sprinklers in your community or state, but lack the necessary funds to create something spectacular?


Now's your chance to secure up to $10,000 through the Fire Sprinkler Initiative's Bringing Safety Home Grant Program, which  will assist as many as 10 selected U.S. state sprinkler coalitions and other safety advocates throughout the United States and Canada by furthering activities that showcase the importance of fire sprinklers. Momentum around sprinkler advocacy continues to build as more and more residents and policy makers understand the value of installing these devices in new homes.

This grant comes at a time when fires continue to wreak havoc at home. In 2013, U.S. home fires killed nearly 2,800 people and injured more than 12,000 others. Since sprinklers can significantly reduce the risk of dying in the place where most fire deaths occur, furthering grassroots efforts is key to eliminating these tragedies and bolstering nationwide acceptance of these devices in new homes.


The grants are designed to fund local sprinkler campaigns and projects, or develop an array of educational endeavors that underscore the necessity of sprinklers. NFPA has developed a menu of options to choose from, but is also asking applicants to flex their creative muscles:

How can this grant help you spread the message in your state or region that sprinklers in new homes save lives?

Is there a new way to educate the public and decision makers about the value of home fire sprinklers?

How can you expand on a tried-and-true method of sprinkler advocacy?


The application deadline is April 20. For complete details, please visit the Fire Sprinkler Initiative site.


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