Report: Fire service plays a crucial role in advancing home fire sprinkler acceptance

Blog Post created by freddurso Employee on Apr 9, 2015

Seeing firsthand the personal and physical destruction caused by home fires, the fire service can be a vital and necessary ally in advancing home fire sprinklers.




This was one of the conclusions published in an article that appeared in a recent edition of New Solutions Journal.

While underscoring the evolution of sprinkler technology and new construction challenges that emphasize the need for these devices, the article also highlights the role firefighters can play in promoting sprinklers.




For instance, the article, "Preventing Fire-Related Occupational Deaths: Residential Sprinklers Save Civilians, Property, and Firefighters," references an addendum to

report that documents a 65-percent reduction in firefighter injuries per 1,000 homes when sprinklers are present. "As we look for ways to reduce firefighter injuries and deaths, it is clear that residential sprinkler systems are a viable strategy for realizing this goal, and that firefighters have an important role in increasing prevalence of residential sprinkler systems in the housing stock of tomorrow," states the article.




The authors also counter sprinkler misconceptions that exist within the fire service, including the notion that sprinkler requirements will make the fire service obsolete. "We see no indication that the need for fire service response is going away any time soon




Read the full article, and watch a video of one of the article's authors, Scott Somers, former council member for the city of Mesa, Arizona, discussing an innovative approach to sprinkler installation in low- and moderate-income homes: