Burn survivor PSA receives top honors for message on home fire sprinklers

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The Wisconsin Broadcasters Association recently announced that a public service announcement featuring a 22-year-old burn survivor championing for home fire sprinklers has received the accolade "Best PSA for Large Market Radio."


Created by the National Fire Sprinkler Association's Wisconsin Chapter, the PSA features Jeff Jordan, one of the newest members of Common Voices, an advocate's coalition determined to create a fire-safe America. (Jordan has also participated in activities with the Phoenix Society for Burn Survivors.) Jordan was only six weeks old when he was burned in a house fire resulting from his brothers playing with a lighter. Sustaining third- and fourth-degree burns on his body, he has undergone more than 80 reconstructive surgeries that have surpassed $10 million.


Jordan makes a strong pitch for sprinklers in the PSA, which aired on a Milwaukee radio station and honored as part of the Wisconsin Broadcasters Association's 2014 Awards for Excellence. "My burn injuries have been a part of nearly my entire life, but they do not have to be a part of other people's futures," says Jordan. "There is tremendous value in home fire sprinklers and the lives that can be saved by them. I am glad my story can have an impact on others--whether helping someone through a burn injury of their own or helping others be smarter about fire safety and avoiding preventable fires."

A volunteer at Wisconsin's Summer Camp for Burn-Injured Youth, Jordan has also participated in national speaking engagements in support of home fire sprinklers.


Learn more about Jordan by watching this video produced by Common Voices, and don't forget to use one of NFPA's free print ads for your sprinkler advocacy efforts. 



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