Advocates unite near burning structure to underscore impact of home fire sprinklers

Blog Post created by freddurso Employee on Jun 18, 2015

Connecticut Fire Sprinkler CoalitionKeeping a safe distance from a structure filled with today's home furnishings, sprinkler advocates in West Hartford, Connecticut, set it ablaze to make a powerful statement. Based on the audience's reaction, they got their point across. 

When a TV reporter asked a spectator on the scene of a recent live burn/sprinkler demonstration whether she has ever witnessed a fire of this caliber, she replied, "Not personally, luckily. But I never want to after seeing [the demonstration] today. I'm in favor of sprinkler systems now."

Joining the Connecticut Fire Sprinkler Coalition at this demonstration was the city's fire chief and town manager--all of whom gave interesting perspectives on why sprinklers "are the future of fire protection in America" and why the state should take measures to adopt sprinkler requirements. 


Watch the following video of the event, and use this free resource to create your own live burn/sprinkler demo in your area: