Home fire kills four children days after safety advocates urge the necessity of home fire sprinklers

Blog Post created by freddurso Employee on Aug 7, 2015

We're trying to make our legislators understand that home fire sprinklers are important, said Fire Marshals' Association of Missouri President Gene Robertson during a live burn/sprinkler demonstration that occurred in conjunction with last month's Missouri Association of Building and Fire Officials Conference. We're losing too many people to fires that we shouldn't be losing.


Others would soon realize the accuracy of Robertson' statement. Days later, in the same Missouri town where the sprinkler demonstration occurred, a home fire took the lives of four children ranging in age from two to five. According to a local NBC affiliate, firefighters rescued two adults via a third-floor window, but the fire trapped the children on the fourth floor.


"We were able to knock the fire down quickly enough to get inside and make a recovery on the children, but none of the four did make it," Osage Beach, Missouri, Fire Chief Jeffrey Dorhauer told NBC. "It's tough for anyone to get over."


At the sprinkler demonstration, Robertson drove the point home that sprinklers are designed to reduce and possibly eliminate these tragedies. Also taking a strong stance on sprinkler importance is the Missouri Fire Sprinkler Coalition, which has been diligently promoting these devices this year.


See what the coalition has been up to by visiting its website, and see what you're able to replicate in your state or region.