Homebuilders take aim at home fire sprinkler proposal

Blog Post created by freddurso Employee on Sep 15, 2015

FloridaFire sprinkler advocates in Florida probably saw this one coming. 

Last month, a news story highlighted the Floridian town of Estero, which has proposed a sprinkler ordinance for its new homes. This idea followed the success of a new development in Estero that includes 90, fully sprinklered homes. Since the town has a high population of older adults, a group at high risk of dying in home fires, the sprinkler ordinance is seen by safety advocates as a crucial, life-saving measure.

One homebuilder has a vastly different opinion on the proposal. "This devil raised its head in Collier [County, Florida] years ago," Brenda Talbert-Thomas, executive vice president of the Lee Building Industry Association, told the Business Observer. "There are so many reasons not to do this." 

The story adds that Talbert-Thomas will be meeting with city officials about the proposal. 



Please inform your local homebuilders that fire sprinklers can be good for business. Use these resources from the Fire Sprinkler Initiative, and share these pro-sprinkler homebuilder stories, including NFPA's most recent one of Russ Davis: