In areas lacking fire service presence, home fire sprinklers a viable solution

Blog Post created by freddurso Employee on Sep 17, 2015

SprinklerFollowing the destruction of a $500,000 Canadian home from a fire in an area with no fire department, the local fire service views sprinklers as the solution in these towns.

"Whether [the homeowners] were home or not, [sprinklers] would have activated in two minutes from the start of the fire," Shawn Leamon, deputy fire chief with the Steady Brook Volunteer Fire Department in Newfoundland, told the Canadian Broadcasting Corp. "It would have knocked down the fire and put it out immediately."

Leamon added that property owners are already responsible for their own water, sewer, snow clearing, and garbage collection. Adding fire sprinklers as a component to their own fire protection measures can be a cost-effective solution.


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