Series of home fires across North America extinguished by fire sprinklers

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What better way to underscore the effectiveness of fire sprinklers than by showcasing the device's ability to save lives?


Our partners and safety advocates across North America graciously send us anecdotes of fire sprinklers in action. Here are some of the more recent sprinkler saves:




Fortunately for the town of Mount Airy, it has had a sprinkler requirement on the books since 2003. The requirement was recently praised when a clothes dryer in one of its homes caught fire. A single sprinkler activated and extinguished most of the fire by the time the fire department reached the laundry room. Fire damage was confined only to the one room. Since the structure was built with lightweight construction, which burns hotter and faster than traditional construction materials, fire officials said the sprinkler averted a catastrophe. This sprinkler save was the second this year in Mount Airy.




A resident living in the Castle Pines Village community was home when a refrigerator inside the home caught fire, activating a single sprinkler and containing the fire until the fire department arrived to finish the job. There were no injuries and minimal fire damage. "This fire is another illustration of the power of fire sprinklers to save lives and property," says Craig Denhard, investigation section supervisor for the South Metro Fire Rescue Authority. "Without sprinklers, the outcome could have been much different, and the lives of all residents and our firefighters could have been put at great risk. All homes in Castle Pines have sprinkler protection. For Colorado towns with fire sprinkler requirements,




The Shawnee, Kansas, Fire Department recently responded to a fire alarm at an apartment complex, only to find the sprinklers had already extinguished a kitchen fire. "One single sprinkler head put out this kitchen fire, saved over $1 million in property damage, and kept 12 families in their homes," said Corey Sands, fire marshal for the Shawnee Fire Department and member of the Kansas Fire Sprinkler Coalition.  This is a textbook example of how putting preventative measures in place can help people and their property remain safe.




According to an Alaskan publication, sprinklers recently stopped a fire in its tracks. Cooking was the cause of the fire, which was immediately extinguished by sprinklers. Nobody was displaced, and damage was kept to a minimum, stated the story.


Let us know of any sprinkler saves in your town. Send the write-ups to for possible inclusion on this blog.