New sprinkler law takes effect in Connecticut following advocacy efforts

Blog Post created by freddurso Employee on Oct 2, 2015

Connecticut Fire Sprinkler CoalitionAs reported on this blog, a father's push for increased awareness of home fire sprinklers following his daughter's death from a home fire has prompted legislation in his state. Taking effect this month, the new law requires landlords to inform tenants whether or not fire sprinklers are installed in a home. The law also requires to tell tenants when the home's sprinklers, if any, were last inspected.

Jeff Block, the catalyst behind the legislation, hopes the new law will heighten the importance and use of fire sprinklers--devices that might have saved his daughter, Eva, from the 2012 off-campus fire in New York that claimed her life. He told a Connecticut TV station that the measure will help parents and their children make informed decisions about where they choose to reside. "I don't want another parent to go through what I'm going through," he told the station. "Anything that you can do to raise your kid's awareness and your awareness, so you don't feel guilty if God forbid something happens."


Connecticut isn't the only state celebrating a sprinkler victory this year. Read how Delaware also passed a sprinkler law.