The simple truth about home fire sprinkler maintenance

Blog Post created by freddurso Employee on Oct 9, 2015

Truth be told, you're more likely to spend more time and possibly money maintaining your car annually than you would your home's fire sprinklers. 

"Frequent, expensive maintenance" is what sprinkler opponents say is needed on an annual basis to keep sprinklers in tip-top shape. This is yet another sprinkler myth, since annual inspections and maintenance are simple and do-it-yourself.

The following question appeared in an advice column in the Orange County Register: 

What maintenance should be done on an in-home fire sprinkler system? I live in California and have been told that a fire protection technician should test annually and that failure to do so could cause me to lose my insurance coverage if there's a malfunction.

Highlighted in the question's answer and via the Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition (HFSC), regular maintenance isn't difficult. HFSC recommends you perform an annual water flow testing using these simple steps. Furthermore, protect sprinklers by making sure:

  • nothing is blocking the sprinklers
  • pictures and large furniture is kept away from sprinklers on walls
  • hanging lamps and plants are away from ceiling sprinklers
  • you avoid painting the fire sprinkler or cover
  • you avoid bumping sprinklers, and teach children not to touch them


If anyone knows the simplicity of sprinkler maintenance, it's California State Fire Marshal Tonya Hoover. Watch this informative video produced by HFSC: