Scores of residents and building officials get a startling glimpse at today's home fires and power of home fire sprinklers

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Made possible by a grant provided by NFPA's Fire Sprinkler Initiative, a fire sprinkler demonstration trailer has been making the rounds in Oregon and wowing its residents in the process. 

Both sections of the trailer mimic a setting inside your average home. There's bedding, a mattress, couch, drapes. One section is set aflame to mimic the way fire quickly impacts today's modern furnishings, while the other section showcases the speed in which sprinklers can avert fire's catastrophe.


Leading the charge for these educational events are members of the Oregon Fire Sprinkler Coalition. Last month, the trailer rolled its way to the Oregon Building Officials Association Annual Conference in Wilsonville, Oregon. This was the first time that many building officials witnessed the effectiveness of home fire sprinklers. Following the event, they asked a number of questions, giving the coalition the chance to offer clarifications on some of the more popular fire sprinkler myths.

Earlier in the year, coalition members with the Clackamas Fire District #1 hosted a similar demonstration at the Oregon City Hilltop Safety Fair. Close to 400 people from the community witnessed the demonstration during a day filled with fire safety education. This is the fourth year Clackamas has hosted a sprinkler demonstration at this event.



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Were you unable to attend these events? No problem. Check out this video produced by the coalition, which includes important tidbits about today's home fires and a stellar soundtrack:






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