Following vote to exclude home fire sprinklers, advocates ramp up educational efforts

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Fire sprinkler supporters in New York were delivered a blow in August when the state's Fire Prevention and Building Code Council voted to adopt the 2015 International Residential Code but remove the requirement for home fire sprinklers.

The vote, however, has not thwarted advocates' attempts at promoting these devices. In fact, since the Code Council's decision, an array of sizzling presentations throughout New York have sent a subtle message to the group that support for home fire sprinklers is growing. 


In October, the New York Fire Sprinkler Council, a division of the Mechanical Contractors Association of New York, hosted a live burn/sprinkler demonstration at the Nassau County Fire Services Academy. Using mesmerizing displays of fire in rooms with and without sprinklers as well as fire statistics from NFPA, the group gave attendees a startling glimpse into one of North America's biggest safety concerns and its solution. 

“Raising awareness about the life-saving benefits of sprinklers is one of our main goals of the New York Fire Sprinkler Council," said Tony Saporito, executive vice president of the Mechanical Contractors Association. “Fire sprinklers save lives time and time again. It’s a long-term investment that every parent should consider for their home."


Equally convincing in their pitch for fire sprinklers are members of the New York Sprinkler Initiative. Also in October, another dramatic, side-by-side demonstration was conducted for 300 people by the New York State Association of Fire Chiefs (NYSAFC) and the Henrietta Fire District. “The participants at the demonstration very clearly saw the difference a home fire sprinkler can make in protecting them and their families in a fire," said Jerry DeLuca, NYSAFC executive director and member of the New York Sprinkler Initiative. "The comments I heard from parents of young children prove that we are getting our point across. The demonstration showed them that the cost of a sprinklered home is a small price for parents to pay in exchange for the peace of mind knowing that their families will be able to escape and be safe in case of a fire."  


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Watch and share the following video of another live burn/sprinkler demonstration recorded by NFPA:





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