The top 10 stories on home fire sprinklers that grabbed your attention in 2015

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NFPA's state sprinkler coalition map, underscoring 28 states with a coalition in place


In 2015, there were hellos (thank you, Adele) and goodbyes. NFPA's Fire Sprinkler Initiative team welcomed a handful of new state sprinkler coalitionsincluding newcomers South Dakota and Delaware that brought the national coalition total to 28. We read with interest commentary by Fire Chief Rick Ennis and burn survivor Rob Feeney, who added their unique perspectives to NFPA's blogs in 2015. We bid farewell to a state sprinkler requirement in Minnesota (a decision that is being appealed).

Taking a look back, here are the top 10 stories from this blog that wowed readers in 2015: 


*10. *Lawsuit filed against builder for failure to follow home fire sprinkler requirements


9. What does research tell us about today's home fire victims?


8. The seven benefits of home fire sprinklers you need to know


7. Open spaces, lightweight construction, flammable furniture--oh my! The modern dangers of today's homes


6. Fire Chief: Homebuilders misinformed about home fire sprinklers


5. NFPA, fire service react to false claims made by Maryland media on home fire sprinklers


4. Burn survivor from The Station Nightclub Fire now NFPA's newest blogger and fire sprinkler champion


3. The disastrous consequences of lightweight construction and modern home furnishings under fire


2. Meet burn survivor Jeff Jordan, an important voice in the push for home fire sprinklers


1. Fire Chief: Why are we not giving the fire death of a two year old in a new home the attention it deserves?</p>